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Dry Bones

I was reading in Ezekiel today about the Valley of Dry Bones.  Boy… did I ever identify with it!  Not on a physical level but at a much deeper, spiritual level.

This world has a way of wearing us (me) down, so much so that we get pressed into some shape we were never intended for; like those wind-blown trees you see at the beach, bending over as if the wind is at their back even when there is no wind.  They have been battered by it for so long they assumed the shape.  It’s not their nature to grow that way; it’s just that, over time, they fell victim to their circumstances.

Sometimes my brain feels the way those trees look.  With the intensity of a hurricane there’s just too much of everything coming at me; too much news, too much sports, too much to worry about, too much to think about, too much to do and too much that I can’t control.

We’re bombarded with commercials, sales calls, time shares, “hash tag” this and “Facebook” that; texting, messaging, e-mailing, iPhone, smart phone, iPad, Think Pad, butt dials, LOL, OMG… good grief!  What’s happening to us?

I see people all the time who are so addicted to their phones that they merge into 70 & 80 mile an hour traffic on the interstate while texting.  On TV I see people behind home plate at major league baseball games (some really expensive seats) not watching the game but with faces and fingers glued to their smart phones.  It makes me wonder just how smart this all really is.

It would seem that the war on our minds has taken on a new shape and with an amazing level of intensity.

I sound like I’m whining… but that it is not my purpose in writing this.  My purpose is to remind us all that we need to live intentionally.  By that I mean we have to take control of our lives and push out of the Matrix from time to time, and if for no other reason than to just reorient.

So, if you ever wonder why EveryManAlve is so intent on having our get-togethers around a fire-pit with a fine cigar and libations, this is why.  Sometimes you just need to slow down, get off with some brothers and remember that we have a Father who loves us deeply.  In the noise, this can be easily taken for granted or forgotten all together.  But in the rich, deep draw of a dark leafed maduro cigar; preferably from the Dominican Republic, we are brought back to an even keel and for a little while all is right with the world.

If you ever find yourself too tired to join us, well… that is quite likely the time you should be there; sitting beneath a cloud of smoke that smells of leather, chocolate and coffee and sipping a glass of The Balvenie (no ice please).

These are the times where we are reminded of who we are, who our Father is and who our King is.  It is where our strength is renewed.  Revelation tells us that in the last days men will overcome the evil one and this rotten & broken world by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.  That’s what this is about, enjoying each other’s company and relishing in the unity we have in the Spirit.

So join us, we will all be better men for having had the experience.  We’ll be looking for you.

Stay strong and fight well; after all… we win!

Dan Grandstaff

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